zeke, bubba (props / dudes)

Vox bacculus hic vadis, in vitrio jubiliam

"what's all the hub-bub, bub?"
or, more formally...
"the road goes on forever, & the party never dies"

late-breaking i wanna tellya howitz gonna b
shameless e-plug back to school daze (tutoring)
(quite excellent; trust me on this one)

7/24/2004 Blond on blond
9/11/2004 Lyc du jour
9/3/2000 Once Upon a Time

btb's 5-oh blowout
9/16/2000 Snappy
10/x/1999 2 Hot
ancient Rogues Gallery

from the critics

"u have GOT to be kidding"
daisyMae, 72, newSuffolk pking lot

"anyone who's put off by dekworld
doesn't belong in the house"

"do y'all sell t-shirts?"

"dude, that is SO five-minutes-ago"

"u can't b 20 on sugar mountain"

"who's the chick w/ the crown?"

"y don't u break my heart 1 more time
just 4 good luck"
the whiner

now god is in his heaven
 and we all want what's his
  but power & greed & corruptible seed
   seem to be all that there is

hold on
tom waits

they hung a sign up in our town
 'if you live it up, you won't live it down'
  so she left Monte Rio, son
   just like a bullet leaves a gun
    with her charcoal eyes and Monroe hips
     she went and took that California trip
      well, the moon was gold, her hair like wind
       she said don't look back just come on Jim
        oh you got to

hold on, hold on, you got to hold on
  take my hand, i'm standing right here
    you gotta hold on

he gave her a dimestore watch
 and a ring made from a spoon
  everyone's looking for someone to blame
   but you share my bed, you share my name
    well, go ahead and call the cops
     you don't meet nice girls in coffee shops
      she said baby, i still love you
       sometimes there's nothin left to do
        oh but you got to

hold on, hold on, baby gotta hold on
  take my hand, i'm standing right here
    you gotta hold on

god bless your crooked little heart
 st louis got the best of me
  i miss your broken-china voice
   how i wish you were still here with me
    you build it up, you wreck it down
     & you burn your mansion to the ground
      there's nothing left to keep you here
       but when you're falling behind in this big blue world
        oh you got to

hold on, hold on, baby gotta hold on
  take my hand, i'm standing right here
    you gotta hold on

down by the Riverside motel
 it's 10 below & falling
  by the 99 cent store
   she closed her eyes and started swaying
    but it's so hard to dance that way
     when it's cold and there's no music
      your old hometown is so far away
       but inside your head there's a record that's playing
        a song called

hold on, hold on, baby gotta hold on
take my hand, i'm standing right there
you gotta hold on

"How come I keep getting some contractor in Ill. who wants to build decks?" --- Constance

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