i walked 47 miles of barbed wire    i got a cobra snake for a necktie       a brand new house on the lower east side          & it's made outta rattlesnake hide i got me a chimney up on top    & it's made outta human skull       c'mon & take a litte walk w/ me baby          & tell me who do u luv seen the fires above seen the hole in the ground    seen the wheels burn rubber seen u blow outta town       who do u luv the night were dark and the sky were blue    down the alleyway a house wagon flew       hit a bump & somebody screamed          u shuda heard just'a wut i seen             who do u luv i got a tombstone hand in a graveyard mine    i'm just 22 baby & i dont mind dyin       who do u luv
lyrics courtesy of elias mcdaniel
moves courtesy of  bruce, jacit, dannyboy