Ventura    (lucinda williams)            (wma tuneage)
decide i'm gonna make myself a little something to eat
get a can down off the shelf, maybe a little something sweet
haven't spoken to no one, haven't been in the mood
pour some soup, get a spoon, stir it up real good
go out with a friend, maybe a little music might help
but i can't pretend - i wish i was somewhere else

i wanna watch the ocean bend
the edges of the sun, then
i wanna get swallowed up
in an ocean of love

put on my coat, go out into the street
get a lump in my throat & look down at my feet
take the long way home so i can ride around
put neil young on & turn up the sound
drive up the coastline, maybe ventura
watch the waves make signs out on the water


stand in the shower, clean this dirty mess
give me back my power & drown this unholiness
lean over the toilet bowl & throw up my confession
cleanse my soul of this hidden obsession


Blue    (lucinda williams)             (wma tuneage)
go find a jukebox
and see what a quarter will do
i don't wanna talk
i just wanna go back to blue

feeds me when i'm hungry
and quenches my thirst
loves me when i'm lonely
and thinks of me first

blue is the color of night
when the red sun disappears from the sky

raven feathers shiny and black
a touch of blue glistening down her back

we don't talk about heaven
and we'll talk about hell
we've come to depend on
one another so damn well

so go to confession
whatever gets you through
you can count your blessings
i'll just count on blue